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6.26 Update | Posted by maya on 06.26

Hello everyone,

I have applied a couple of bug fixes which you'll notice in game if you are aware of it.

Please if you see any glitch/bug, instead of abusing or doing nothing about it, please report to me right away.

I also fixed some memory leaks that I hope will improve stability such as that when doing Horntail.

We are also moving our forums to the our own hosted one. Unfortunately I cannot transfer the old data from the old forums since it wasn't hosted on our server. If you have posted a couple of things there, I'm leaving you the choice of transfering it to the new one. The link for the old forums are posted on the main page of our website, if you need anything there, you can come back for a couple more days.

You will also need to make a new forum account. xD

The new client is in testing now and will be out this week.

Enjoy guys~

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