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v83 with v62 contents

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Meso Rate / メルレート: 2

7.06 Update | Posted by Beckham on 07.06

There were a couple of bug fixes such as that with storages errors.
Miu Miu's shop items prices were adjusted.
Levels above 200 will gain half of the experience accordingly to the rate, but party bonuses and party member bonus are unaffected.

The new client is released yesterday for TESTING.
The new client includes the following:

  • Opens up at window mode to avoid forcing to adjust your screen.
  • More stable
  • Less graphical error when bossing
  • No parameter errors

Since this is a test client, please report any kind of error so we will be able to adjust them.
If the client does not work for you, you can keep using the old client and report on the forum about the error.

This client's compatibility and any other settings on the properties doesn't need to be changed. 
The only time you should change it is when the client doesn't work for you and you want to try out different settings to be able to adjust it to your computer.




  • スクリーン変わらないように、ウインドーモードで起動します。
  • ボスとかのグラフィックエラーを少なくして、安定です。
  • 起動のパラメータエラーを直しました。



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